Our Doctors of Physical Therapy provide unparalleled and innovative care, helping our patients do the things they love.

Don’t live another day with pain, ASIS Physical Therapy is here to help!

Whether you have acute pain, you are trying to avoid (or recovering from) surgery or have a chronic injury that wasn’t treated successfully in the past, we have the skills and team to get you better than you were before you were ever injured.

After the initial stages of care where we can help you reduce your pain, our team of professionals will work alongside you to help you achieve more strength, enhance your mobility, and improve your balance to help take yourself to the next level.

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are experts in their field. We listen first and understand to develop your customized treatment plan based on combined goals you set with us. From your first appointment until your last treatment, we remain focused on your goals and ensure your progress one visit at a time.

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Come experience if the ASIS Physical Therapy Approach is right for you…thousands of people already have.

Asis Physical Therapy is committed to providing you with the best physical therapy experience. We offer exceptional quality of care and the most current and innovative treatment methods with an individualized focus, so you can achieve optimal results.
We pride ourselves on providing our communities with the highest quality of care delivered in an efficient manner. Hands-on techniques are used at each treatment session, to facilitate pain relief and functional recovery.

Please give us a call if you have any questions about our services.