Fit at the Tee

Fit at the Tee utilizes the latest and most advanced medical and sport-performance techniques to dramatically improve your performance. Our Fit at the Tee advantage makes some of our regular physical therapy exercises feel like a thing of the past. The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified professionals at Asis Physical Therapy know the game inside and out, and know how to succeed.

As your San Diego physical therapist, we can help you feel better, and improve your golf game! Find out more by reading about our Team Approach. Whether you want to lengthen your drive, lower your handicap, play more pain-free golf, or simply impress your friends and colleagues, Fit at the Tee Fitness and Performance programs are here to help you succeed. Reduce the potential of injury, improve your stamina, power, accuracy, and the overall consistency of your game with the help of a properly designed golf fitness program.